1963 Pontiac Catalina Sport Coupe

For consignment a survivor with original interior, original engine, Protect-O-Plate, and pure wide track, stacked headlights will get you ogles and hits for rides excitement.  At least that is what the advertising said!  Anyway she needs some TLC.


Bathed LL paint which is Marimba Red for this car from 1963 we see plenty of surface rust, topcoat peel and some rust bubbled areas and invasive rust on the bottom of the trunk lid.  Also areas of cracking and crazing and paint peel off are noted and some surface rust has taken over the roof.  From the dual stacked headlights up front which flank a dual grille, we can start to see the beginnings of the iconic Pontiac beak just in the formation stage.  The front bumper emulates this design below and is in good shiny condition as are the aforementioned surrounds and bezels.  On the long slab sides a bow to stern trim spear cuts through the center of the car and maintains good alignment on the panels throughout.  On the bottom is a slightly pitted rocker trim and does a nice job of highlighting the mid-section.  Above it though are some problematic areas of invasive rust.  A long hood and trunk are on each end, and in back tail lights float above a corresponding bumper to make the edges look almost like pure chrome, save for the 3 red tail lights embedded.  And again, the chrome and trim is in good condition as is the badging we passed on the way here.  Another trim spear runs horizontally across the trunk and sports Pontiac badging.  Dual exhaust tips peek out from below.  The glass and edges in stainless are all good.  New 15-inch Cragar wheels are wrapped by staggered rubber 235/70R15’s in front and 275/60R15’s on back from 2011 and 2013.  These look like they have low mileage on them.


Simple mid century modern design with large door panels that have a lighter maroon vinyl top panel that is vertically ribbed and textured, a mid section that is smooth, and a lower section that is a deep darker maroon smooth vinyl.  To add some highlighting a woven effect aluminum horizontal patterned panel zips through the center of the door.  Turning our attention to the seats which are seen with maroon smooth vinyl bolsters and uppers, and on the backs the Pontiac arrowhead this time in winged form, and white vinyl on each seatback.  White piping provides the framing for the inserts which are multi colored striped knitted vinyl.  The front sets are torn and faded on the inserts and bolsters.  The rear bench appears nearly new and looks great.  Up front we see an original yellowed plastic and red steering wheel fronting an inset dash with a red shelf if you will, and lots of chromed panels.  The dash top is cracked and red painted steel below the instrumentation is in newly sprayed condition.   A clean dash overall, with a misaligned ashtray door.  You have to love the glove box door emulating the shelf in front of the passenger.  No carpeting in on the floors and above a soiled white headliner is covering the inside of the roof.


Looking under the hood, we see a correct 389ci V8 that it is unrestored and original.  Its blue valve coverings are greasy and show surface rust.  The cast parts are corroded.  Wiring and hoses remain in good condition and most likely have been changed out.  On top is a 2-barrel carb, and on back is a factory Roto-Hydramatic 3-speed automatic transmission.  Way back is a 2.69 rear axle.  Newer dual exhaust is on with Flowmaster mufflers, and the engine sits behind a re-cored radiator.  Also a new starter has been put on.


Plenty of patina and surface rust, with some areas on the very front of this car having heavier coating of said rust.  Independent coil springs up front for the ride, and 4 link rear with coil springs make up the suspension.  New shocks have been installed.  Drum brakes are all around.


A quick starter, and smooth runner, I put this car through its paces and it held its line.   As it ran smoothly, and took the corners well and I realized it has those low mileage tread tires despite being a little older.  The brake pedal dropped a bit causing the brake lights to stay on.

Overall this car fits the bill for survivor, with original interior and engine appearance,  faded paint and amazingly good chrome trimmings and bumpers.  Want to invest some time for TLC?  This could be your wide track to excitement! 


3-Pontiac Catalina


L-Linden, NJ Assy Plant

10557-Sequential Unit Number


10E-5th Week October

STYLE 63 2347-1963 Catalina 2 Door Hardtop Sport Coupe

BODY BL983-Linden Body #

TRIM 237-Maroon Vinyl

PAINT LL-Marimba Red

Price: $16,000

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