1964 Chevrolet  Corvair Rampside Pickup 

Yes kids Corvair did indeed offer a pickup and here we have a fantastic example in a 1964 Rampside pickup.  A rear air cooled engine, a fold down side panel forming a ramp to the bed on the passenger’s side, and real mid 60 Ermine white with Ember Red paint scheme and an original restored interior, we are off to the Ralph Nader races!  And all in low low mileage, 19,913 original title verified miles to be exact.


At first glance this pickup would appear to be a cab over, or cab forward design with the flat front and bog panoramic glass resting above the central grille and dual horizontal headlights in the oval bezel.  But ALAS that engine, it’s in the back.  This flat front is painted mostly in Ermine White with the grille and headlights surrounded by Ember Red which has a thin pinstripe on either edge.  This thins out a bit, and as it wraps around the sides it goes through the doors and bedsides, just about mid truck.  The paint is chipped in a few areas and has been applied thick and the gaps are nicely minded and large mirrors rehanging off of either side.  The bed is nice and long, all steel and has some storage boxes also in steel showing on either wheel rear wheel well.  The bed is painted Ermine White and looks good.  On the passenger’s side is a fold down ramp that allows access to the bed for a lawn tractor or whatever needs a bit of a push to get on the ramp then on to the bed.  The back of the truck has the arrowhead pointed outward tail lights all in the red striping, and a shiny bumper below.  Ember Red 14-inch steel wheels have a central chromed moon cap with a bowtie badge and are wrapped in thin whites from 1990.


A swing of the wheel well notched doors shows us some gold painted steel panels for the edges, uppers and lowers.  In the center is a white painted steel panel, which houses the actuator, and cranks as well as a red and white vinyl covered small armrest.  As we move inside, a long bench stretches from door to door, and has neat mid 60’s zig zag pattern broadcloth inserts in shades of green and brown with the seat uppers and bolsters are in red vinyl.  There is also a delineating stripe in white between the broadcloth and vinyl and its in vinyl as well.  A factory white steering wheel fronts the dash, and this dash has a dual oval design with the instrument cluster in aluminum and horizontal speedo and flanking knobs and pulls and turn signal indicators.  Just right of center is the climate control sliders and where the keys hang the gold is scratched off.  In the dash center is the ash receptacle and a box housing the Delco bowtie badged AM radio.  In front of the passenger is a corresponding to the instrument oval glovebox door in brushed aluminum.  Rubber flooring covers the floors and is nearly perfect.  A long shifter reached for the driver, and looking above we see a steel framed headliner with an insert with some perforations in melamine board painted gold as well.


Unbolting the rear bed floor panel we have the Corvair air cooled 164ci flat 6 cylinder engine which puts out 95hp.  There is a single 2-barrel carburetor on top and a 4-speed manual transmission on back.  The rear axle is a 3.55 version.  


Up on the lift is an unrestored undercarriage which shows some patina with the black paint and a bit of surface rust peppering the surfaces under here.  The exhaust pipe and muffler has heavier surface rust.  Most of the undercarriage framing is covered in steel panels painted black showing some wear and plenty of small factory drilled divots.  Independent coil springs for the front, and independent swing axle with trailing arms and torsion bars are on for the back to hold extra weight.  Drum brakes are on all 4 corners.


In true Corvair for this car started right up and purred on the idle.  The test track was not a match for this nifty truck and handling was good.  The truck pulls to the right when braking though but otherwise all functions were working swimmingly.  

A neat example of a not oft seen Corvair truck in pickup side ramp form.  The paint is mostly good and the interior looks the 60’s part.  All steel and rust free on the bodywork, and a smooth running air cooled engine.  Ralph Nader can kiss my ass!



R124-Corvair Rampside/Loadside

S-St. Louis, MO Assy Plant

108520-Sequential Unit Number

Price: $74,900

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