1966 Ford Country Squire

158,493 Miles

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Interior/Exterior – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3S-NELYxAY

Driving – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5C1Bg4T2yo

NOTE- You will see that the pictures are at different points over the last few months – most recently the exhaust has been replaced. So has the carpet and seats. That’s why some pictures will show differently.


Raven Black exterior

Black Interior

390ci – 2bbl – 6.4L FE – Big Block Ford, 265HP Thunderbird V8 – 9.5 compression ratio

C6 – 3 Speed Automatic Transmission

Ford 9” rear end – 3.25 conventional (no TracLoc)

Power Steering, Power Brakes, AM Radio, 4 wheel drum brakes, Black Exterior, Black Interior, No roof rack, No 3rd row seating. This is factory correct – nothing has been removed. This is a VERY VERY rare wagon to have both of these not ordered, with factory AC, and black on black.

Decode of body tag:

Serial number-6G76Y223364

6 – 1966 Model Year

G – Chicago

76 – 4 door 6 passenger Country Squire

Y – 8-Cylinder 390 Cubic Inch 2 bbl

223364 – Consecutive Unit Number

Body – 71E – 4 door 6 passenger Country Squire

Color – A – Raven Black

Trim – 66 – Black Vinyl – “Venetian” pattern vinyl cushions and black “Crinkle” pattern vinyl bolsters and back, bench seat

Date – 04D – April 4, 1966 Production

DSO – 42 – Fargo, North Dakota sales district

Axle – 4 – 3.25 conventional/open rear differential.

Trans. – 4 – C-6 Automatic Dual Range


390ci engine

C6 Automatic Transmission

Power Brakes

Visibility Group (day/nite mirror, remote control driver mirror, and 2 speed wipers)

Factory Air Conditioning (needs to be charged up, I have the R12)

CarLite Tinted Windshield

Deluxe Seat Belts up front (auto retracting) with warning light

FoMoCo Accessory Hitch (ball converted to 2”, accessory ball in trunk)

When adding up the option packages, with the cost of the car, it was over $4000 new in 1966. Today it would cost $35K+

Purchased from a collector/friend in Lugoff, SC – he did a lot of work to this vehicle. He purchased it off of eBay, from someone selling it in North Dakota in 2012.

The prior owner installed a Pertronix ignition system, tons of engine seals, timing chain and gear, power steering pressure line, brake master cylinder, wheel cylinders, shoes, etc. He also installed a brand new CarLite Galaxie windshield with the tint strip along the top. It has the correct etching and markings to make it period correct. I have all the receipts from his work.

I installed:

replacement seats – a scrapped 1966 Ford Country Squire with a bad frame and rusty body had a MINT beautiful interior, so I installed those seats (not reproduction – ORIGINAL) ,

New carpet from Auto Custom Carpets (old carpet was disintegrating, shredding, and faded,

rear filler under tailgate (old was dented up, included with car)

87 Grand Marquis 15” steel wheels (for disc brake upgradability)

New Dual exhaust from Waldron Exhaust in Michigan

New accelerator pump (NAPA)

New base plate gasket (NAPA)

New gas cap (vented)

New Radiator cap (motorcraft)

New NGK Copper Spark Plugs

NOS overhead light lens

Replacement stainless filler panel on rear (old one was banged up, old one included with sale)

Not Installed, but included with sale…

Front Disc Brake setup – spindles, calipers, etc.

Headlight are on buzzer (Ford accessory)

Various spare belts, etc.

My thoughts:

This is really a neat wagon. Black is such a good looking color with the stainless trim work complemented by the “squire” wood paneled look. As some of my older friends have noted driving or riding in this – they feel like they’re back in 1972 before the gas crisis. A really nice used 8 year old car, especially inside. It rides, handles, stops and goes like they remember. It does not have any moldy/musty smell, just smells like a clean, fresh used car from that era.

This car after it’s daily driving use spent a few decades in someones garage or barn before efforts to resurrect it happened in 2010-2012. Its condition speaks for itself. Good luck finding one of these. This is certainly not a museum piece – but it’s far from junk. Station wagons of this era were used up, turned in for scrap or turned in for demolition derby. Not many survivors. 41,953 1966 Ford Country Squires were produced.

Potholes are absorbed by this land yacht. Expansion joints are duly noted, but not communicated to the driver. If you were to put the keys in and drive, all you need are 4 tires, some oil, and some power steering fluid. I’ve driven this car 3 hours to Myrtle Beach, 2.5 hours to Asheville, and the prior owner drove it to FORT WAYNE INDIANA (12+ hours) and Knoxville, Tennessee (4.5 hours). It’s capable of going anywhere you want. Whether it’s Seattle, San Diego, Miami or Montreal – it’ll get there so long as you keep the oil in the crankcase. You’re also going to receive a LOT of attention, questions at every gas stop, cell phone picture taking, thumbs up, smiles and waves.

My plans were to do a mild overhaul on the engine (valve seals, guides, oil control rings, bearings, oil pump, etc), do some minor body work on the quarters, front disc brake conversion with dual master cylinder, fix the power steering leaks, fix the AC and that was about it. Realistically, it’s a great car to take out for a car show, ice cream, etc. have fun and enjoy it for what it is..


1. Power Steering – the reservoir to pump seal leaks, and so does the lower seal/pitman arm seal. This leaves spots on the concrete. Otherwise steers nicely. Low effort. Quiet. Just add fluid. Or replace the two mentioned seals and not worry about it anymore. Steering feels normal for a car this age/mileage. Rag joint has been replaced.

2. Engine – this engine is worn out. It smokes. Usually requires a quart or two of oil every 250 miles. The oil pressure is barely 5 psi when hot idle when running 15w-40 Rotella. Oddly, there is nary any noise from the motor – it’s worn out quite evenly. If you want to be thrifty (my plan) – replace the valve seals/guides, replace the oil control rings, replace the bearings and replace the oil pump and reassemble. Nice candidate for a mild overhaul.

3. Transmission – it shifts nicely through all the gears. Engages gears how you would expect. It does have seeps and tiny drips but it doesn’t leave spots on concrete. Shifter bushings feel loose, but transmission engages gears properly.

4. Suspension – I never replaced any bushings, joints, etc. It’s a 56 year old car with older rubber bushings, etc. Untouched except for an alignment I did a few hundred miles ago.

5. Body – Rust – you’ll find rust at the bottom corner of the skin of the doors – certainly nothing scary (door bottoms are still solid where the skin meets the shell), corrosion under and around the tail light area, corrosion/prior body repair on the spare tire well. The repaired spare tire well has some holes forming on the vertical side. Roof has some “rusticles” showing from where the paint has checked off. I know where some MINT quarters are for this wagon at a junkyard 1 hour from me. There are some hail dings in the hood and roof too, from its North Dakota life.

6. Frame – M I N T. This car has a phenomenal frame. No issues, nothing. No rust, no patches. All original.

7. Brakes – Like any 4 wheel drum brake car – all the drums stop a bit unevenly, so hold on while braking. Not scary in any way, just something to be aware of. No brake fluid leaks, No squeals. Stops alright. Brake system was gone through and refreshed by prior owner.

8. Rear Differential – Quiet, not visibly leaking or seeping. Nice 9” rear.

9. Tailgate – hinges are a bit worn, but window goes up and down with switch at tailgate or dash without issue. MagicGate function works (tailgate open or door open)

10. Tires – They are 10+ years old – it needs tires. I did not replace the tires since I was selling the wagon, and there are so many directions you can go for wheels/tires. Happy to help with logistics/install if you want do something about the wheels/tires before pickup/delivery/shipping.

11. Electrical system – all systems work, HVAC, lights, radio, etc except the clock. It probably needs some lubrication to get going again. It does have a kill switch integrated into the vehicle.

12. Cooling system – Thermostat is stuck open, never bothered to replace. Water pump was replaced a few years ago with an O’Reillys one – I kept the original Ford one incase you wish to rebuild it (included with the sale). Hoses were replaced a few years ago. Heater shut off valve is manual instead of vacuum. This wagon still has the original copper radiator, and it does not leak.

If you’re interested in importing this car to Canada, I am happy to help with this as I do have experience in this area (especially for Ontario and Quebec).

If you are interested in shipping this vehicle, I am happy to work with you, your shipper, or whomever is involved. Depending on your location in the United States or Canada, we can also discuss having me personally deliver for a fee as well since I do own a pickup truck quite capable of towing it.

I really think that’s about it to highlight on this car. I do have both sets of original 1966 keys and a clean, lien-free South Carolina title in my name for this car. Let me know what questions you have.

Price: $12,500

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